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Heaven's Touch

"Held down on a runaway motorcycle."

Elijah S., St. Paul, MN, 2015

Please watch the video to the right.  Elijah had prayed previously that God would make himself know to him. In the video he feels unseen hands hold him onto the motorcycle seat so that he wouldn't fly off.

"Jesus replied to my question of direction."

Lorry S., St. Paul, MN, 2003

I had been seeking the Lord through prayer and petition for direction in life. After going to bed, I dozed off. I woke up startled. I felt the side of my head open up and I heard a deep voiced man say  to me, "Give honor." I believe it was Jesus. He had a middle eastern accent and his voice sounded like an eternity of thunder. I was fully awake. I was sad that this happened  on a night that my husband was out of town on a business trip. Otherwise I would have asked him if he heard anything.  There is so much depth to giving honor. It can be to parents, spouses, leaders or God himself. I do my best to honor as I am called.

"I asked God what He wanted me to do."

Lorry S., St. Paul, MN, 2000

I was a new Christian. I  kept praying and asking God what He wanted me to do. One evening, my husband and I and our two children when out to eat. I remember I dished up at the buffet and sat down. All the tables and booths around us were filled with people. I was still praying and then my surroundings changed. There was a shadow in the restaurant. It reached from the ceiling down to the shoulders of everyone. Then, I heard all the conversations at once. It was like a gnawing sound of people's voices. Then, the Holy Spirit imparted to me that people weren't doing what they could/should be doing. They weren't praising God. Then the shadow lifted. He loves it when we praise Him!

"An angel visited me in a dream."


     One night an angel came to me in a dream. I dreamt I was in a room with a chalkboard on wall. The angel picked up chalk and wrote on the board. "Go to your mother. " Then I woke up. I immediately drove to my mother a few states away. We visited and I went home. She died soon after.

I believe God wanted me to visited my mother to give her peace for her impending passing. 

"My attacker was blocked."

God prevented a man from attacking me.

"God answers regular thoughts also."

I was craving apples. I only bought organic apples because I reacted to the pesticides that are on non-organic apples. Since we were counting pennies, I knew organic apples weren't for me at that time. I never said anything to anyone. A few days later there was a bushel basket of apples on our side porch steps.  Our neighbor was in his garage facing me. I was shocked to see the apples. He yelled over to me they were his sister's apples. She was giving them away. He also told me, she didn't spray her apples.  I was so thankful to my neighbor, and his sister.  I felt very loved on by God, also. I didn't even ask God for apples. He knows our thoughts.

"Help giving birth."

While giving birth to my third child, the doctor, in an irritated tone, told me I was pushing incorrectly. Like any woman is an expert at pushing? I was in the throws of labor pain and contractions. No epidural. In the haze of agony I cried out to God,"God help me!" The nurse who was off to the side prepping something, waiting for my son's birth, turned and looked at me. I didn't do anything different. The the doctor said,"Now you are pushing correctly!" My almost 10 pound son was born soon after. I believe God intervened and helped with the birth. Praise God!!!

Image by Carlo Navarro
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