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Real Stories of Real Healings By the Power of the Holy Spirit
"Knees Healed"
Sidney O., MINNESOTA , 2022

After altar prayer ministry Sunday, June 19, 2022, I shared with my partner Steve C., an amazing healing at Wendy’s in Shoreview, MN, a few years earlier. I was eating my lunch at an island near two women eating their lunch as well. I could hear some of their conversation, and one of them repeatedly was expressing loudly how much pain she was experiencing in her knee. I knew that this was an opportunity to pray for healing for her. I asked her if I could pray for her.  I believed that God would heal her.  After she said “OK", I asked for permission to place my hand on her knee. As I prayed, she replied “OK. “ I began my prayer, assuring her that God loves her and does not want her to suffer in pain. I prayed, "In the name of Jesus, I command a new knee cap, meniscus, tendons, ligaments and muscles; a total restoration of the knee in the name of Jesus."

God healed her knee instantly and all of the pain left as well. She practically danced out of Wendy’s to the car.

Steve then told me how much his knee hurt when he stood up to sing praise and worship. He said that he could only stand for the first of four songs. He asked me if I could pray for his knees as well.

I knelt down, placing my hands on his knees commanding complete restoration of his knees and all pain to go in Jesus‘s name. Steve felt movement in his knees. God instantly healed both knees! He shows up and heals when we obey and do what Jesus told us to do. Because God keeps his promises, I am always looking for the opportunity to heal the people God loves.


"Horrible Hives Healed"

Our family went a vacation to a water park. I was very active with our three young children in the pool and on the waterslide. I was tired before our trip and became exhausted after several days of fun. At the end of our trip I had an itchy neck; red bumps had formed. I went to the doctor at my wife's urging. The doctor prescribed an antibiotic that contained sulfa. I had forgotten my father was allergic to it. After taking a few doses I broke out in hives. They just kept getting worse. I discontinued the antibiotics. I was starting to feel sick all over and shaking. The hives were spreading over most of my body. They were even turning purple. I went to a dermatologist and she was shocked. She biopsied the hives and looked worried. My wife was wondering if I should go to the hospital. My wife called our pastor and asked for healing prayer. He agreed. We went to church and he laid hands on me and prayed healing in the name of Jesus. That was in the afternoon. Within 3 hours the hives had reduced to 30 percent. The purple blotches had gone away. Within a few days all was gone. Praise Jesus!


large tumor JulieDan S.
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"Injured Eye Healed Through Prayer and Doctors."


Last April, Laurel E.’s daughter was trying to use up the last of her shampoo. She added some water to it and then somehow it squirted into one of her eyes. Painful! It turns out that it had burned off the whole top layer of her eye. Her mother sought prayer support through the North Height’s prayer chain and also through her Bible study group. At first her daughter went to an optometrist who gave her drops and steroids thinking the layer will grow back in a couple of weeks. She would go back every week but there was no change. Her eye was in pain constantly. She couldn’t open her eye wide or look at bright light and sunglasses were needed even to look at a computer. Eventually she sought out a specialist. They said she couldn’t get an appointment for a long period of time, but then they called back to ask if she could come in tomorrow. They ended up placing an amniotic membrane on her eye. Even this was painful. Toward the end of May the membrane was removed. This was a new procedure and a whole team of eye doctors came to observe the process. Once they took off the membrane the eye had healed and replaced the layer that had been burned off. It was a challenging time for her to say the least. She is a working mom with two small children and the visits to the specialist along with this special procedure were very expensive. However, she grew in her faith during this time and is thankful to all the prayer teams who prayed for her.


lupusDan S.
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"Pain Relieved at Shopping Mall."

Northtown Mall Healings

Hi Pr. Greg,

Last night, Pat, Sid, Randy & I, decided to separate into pairs and continue walking the mall.

Two notable healings followed:

The first healing was a husband and wife who were sitting in chiropractic massage chairs, and their three kids were running around. The mother (30 years old) has had level 6 back pain for years after 4 C-section births. (Doctors could not relieve the pain.) She could not speak English, and her husband was the interpreter. She was prayed for 3 times before her pain level was 0. PTL! She said (in Spanish) "I feel something unexplainable in my back ". We encouraged her to move to try to find the pain--she had no pain!

One immediate result of this healing was the husband requesting prayer for his mother who was just released from the hospital.

The second healing involved a  50 year old woman with sciatica/arthritis/neuropathy primarily in one leg. She indicated level 8 pain. After praying twice, the level dropped to a level 3. By now she was in a big hurry and had to leave. Just before leaving, after a third prayer, she said her foot, up to her knee, was very warm. Hopefully she was totally healed before walking out the door.  

God Bless,

Dan S.

I had dealt with migraines for many, many years. At my church I am blessed to know a dear brother in Christ who has a strong gift of healing. He prayed for me each time I asked for prayer if he was in attendance. The migraine either went away or dramatically lessened each time. I praise Jesus for the power of healing that flows through believers.

I was told that I had type 2 diabetes. My A1C score was 13.4. The highest is 14. I was put on a low dose of metformin to reduce my blood sugar. The doctor’s intention was to increase as needed. The Holy Spirit said to go up for prayer. I did. The following week I met with a dietician who tested my glucose. It was normal. I have gone off meds and it has still remained normal.

Praise the Lord! ~ Barry H.

Ann and I prayed for a woman who had hurt her arm by lifting a 40 lb bag of salt.  It took a few attempts, but she regained her full range of motion and the pain was either decreased or gone. I could not hear her response, but she was smiling.

Steve E.

At the State Fair, a woman said she had back pain. She spent many hours behind a table selling candy. I asked her if my husband and I could pray for the back pain to go away. We laid hands on her and commanded back pain to leave in the name of Jesus. After we prayed she said she felt much better. Praise Jesus for her pain reduction!

Lorry S.

"Acid Reflux Disappears."


Jay and I first prayed for a woman with digestive acid reflux type issues.  On a scale of 1-10, she said 6 before we started ministering.  We prayed and commanded, then asked her what level she felt her condition was at.  She replied, a 3, a significant improvement.  Jay asked her if she wanted it to be a 0.  So we ministered again and it ended up at a 1.  
To God be the glory!
Then we prayed for a woman with back and neck pain.  She said it was at about a level 8 when we started.  After prayer and ministering with words of command, we asked her what level she felt she was at, and she turned her head from side to side and said she didn't feel any more pain!  Another wonderful testimony to the power that dwells within us as Jesus followers.
Warm hugs,
Carol & Jay R.


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